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Dim Sum Dish


Shrimp Dumpling

also known as   Har Gau

 Shrimp Dumpling

A delicate steamed dumpling with whole or chopped-up shrimp filling and thin wheat starch skin. Recognisable by its pleated wrapper.

Traditionally, har gow should have at least seven and preferably ten or more pleats imprinted on its wrapper. The pouch-shaped dumpling is steamed in a bamboo basket until translucent and when properly prepared and cooked, the dumpling has a slightly sticky, chewy texture.

Not sure about this? Well, apparently, this dish is said to be the one that the skill of a dim sum chef is judged on.

The skin must be thin and translucent, yet be sturdy enough to not break when picked up with chopsticks. It must not stick to the paper, container or the other har gau in the basket. The shrimp must be cooked well, but not overcooked; be generous in amount, yet not so much that it cannot be eaten in one bite.

We'll stick to the microwave.


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